Do You Need Permission to Sell High Ticket Coaching? TPIP: 0016

sell high ticket coaching

If you’ve questioned whether now is the right time to sell high ticket coaching, then this four-step formula is for you. I’ll share my process and what I did to step into my high ticket coaching career.

In This Episode:

I’ve been reading a lot of comments and posts about people asking when to start selling high-ticket programs and some stating they just can’t see themselves doing it in their niche.
I wanted to share my perspective on the process that brought me to where I am so you can gain additional perspective.

I personally may have took longer than the average bear to start selling higher ticket coaching & mentoring…

…BUT it was my journey and it happened exactly as was necessary. Everyone’s journey is different.

This just happen to be mine.

I personally started out setting up websites for a few friends for free about 8 years ago. I realized how much work it really was and began charging $250 per person.

As my ability to deliver more value grew, I then noticed people were struggling with the very same problems I had just figured out.

This process stair-stepped from $250, to $1000, $3000 then to $5000.

As my competency to facilitate a transformation that delivered massive results for clients grew, so therefore did my pricing.

I was learning copy, direct response, design, content marketing etc…

…because I was investing in my own skill set I was able to deliver greater results.

Eventually, I did my first group coaching program where I charged $3000 each and brought on 5 people. $15,000 in 3 days and I had some amazingly fun people to work with.

This was my first huge shift.

Those clients went on to get massive results, grew amazing relationships within the group and walked away with solid value.

Two of the clients became best friends. One on the West Coast of the US and the other in Austrailia and they even flew to meet one another.

As I’ve looked back there’s a loose formula I use today to help clients move through this process a lot quicker.

This is by no means the only way and matter of fact I’d love to hear how you as a professional see it differently if you’ve successfully sold high ticket programs. [No Theory Please]


Once I realized the importance of understanding what it was costing my ideal prospects to not solve their problem, the less energy I had to focus on uncertainties that had nothing to do with solving their problem.

I.E. – My own insecurities

Wherever uncertainty exists, fear has room to breed.

So I eliminated that excess space by focusing on the tangible and intangible costs to my prospects that I KNEW I could solve.

Once I did this I saw it as my duty to facilitate and support my clients through their problems. I had a calling to do so!

FYI: I never shared the price of my program until my prospect understood the cost of living without my coaching.

I felt this was in their best interest because otherwise they would continue to see the financial investment as greater cost than their current problems.

This was a second huge shift in my overall process.

So I knew who I was helping and I took time to deeply understand what THEIR “perceived” problems were.

It’s from my experience people buy what they want, not what they need.

So in the beginning stages I sold people what they wanted (knowing I could help them get it) and at the same time deliver in that processes what they needed in order to get it.

This was before I did webinars, where I could later educate people on what to want and why.

I was on a webinar recently with Russell where he said something really powerful:

“Your clients aren’t buying into your program, they’re buying their way OUT of a very painful problem.”

When I started communicating that I understood my clients “perceived” problems, instead of trying communicate what I think they NEEDED to solve them, life got a lot easier.

The communication strategy Russell talks about is totally KEY.

3) VALUE: 
Defining value was something that changed the game for me too.

This is a word I had used loosely and without enough mindfulness behind it.

My experience is that our prospects have a “currency” they think in and it’s not always money…

…unless of course you’re in a niche where that’s the tangible benefit they’re seeking – but even then it’s what the money will do for them that brings greater value.

To crack this concept, I discovered there are tangible and intangible benefits the prospect deeply desire.

Tangible is say, pounds lost, dates they can acquire if they’re single, marriages that are saved, new clients they bring on board or debt they’ve eliminated etc, etc…

However, the deeper thing that I’ve found with my clients is that they’re really after the INTANGIBLES…these are the feelings they’ll experience as a result of obtaining the tangibles.

Feelings of significance, love & connection or certainty around a specific area of their life, just to name a few.

They’re seeking these intangibles because they feel they’re missing from their lives.

Therefore, their voids drive their values…

Everyone has a hierarchy of values, or a set of priorities in their lives they live by. Those which is MOST important and those that are LEAST important.

When you bring light to the idea your prospects can fill their highest priorities by investing in themselves THROUGH you…

…the financial and energetic investments happen on a whole new level.

Preston Rahn shared an amazing comment about how he inspires people to say yes during the enrollment conversation [It’s under the OUR PROCESS video Russell graciously shared – and is highly valuable.]

What I pulled from his share [I use nearly the exact same process] is that it allows the client to bring into awareness not only the costs…

…but also brings awareness around the voids they have in their lives. By me facilitating this process they automatically seemed to see me as the authority and seek me out for the solution.

Even high-end clients can go off the rails and disappear or not follow through with the work if any of this stuff is missed.

And mind you this is just a high-level overview of MY own experience…and I stress HIGH level because there’s a lot more to it.

Because of the before mentioned steps, I’ve found the financial investment becomes a demonstration of the clients energetic investment in their desired results.

I want the clients energetic and emotional commitment and that’s been, up to this point, the key to a largely referral-based business for me.


No one gave me permission, I just did it in the only way I knew how to do it until I found mentors who gave me new perspectives and insight…

…and even then I had to invest energetically and financially.
If I, someone with only a high-school education can build a solid 6 figure business then I’m sure you can as well, provided you can facilitate the transformation your prospects seek.

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