Master This Relationship To Create A $100k Per Year Coaching Income TPIP: 0018

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One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs, coaches, & experts come up against is the battle within their own minds to stretch beyond their own personal limits.

In Episode 18 I’ll share with you the key to managing those challenges and moving through them so you can increase your coaching income to greater levels while making a HUGE impact.

[ctt title=”Master managing the relationship within yourself and relationships outside of yourself become easier to manage…” tweet=””Master managing the relationship within yourself and relationships outside of yourself become easier to manage…”-″ coverup=”xr5hX”]

No one wants to say their relationship within themselves is in shambles…

But I’ve had a lot of clients come to me with the notion they want to make more sales and simplify their business…

…and that’s some of what I support them in.

But I don’t believe you need to make “more” sales with the model I’ve adopted…

You just want a few of the right clients that pay a premium.

That’s how we simplify your business.

Here is the key distinction I’ve found…

…managing the expectations, the desires and fears that are WITHIN us, are the key to the types of client relationships we create OUTSIDE us.

This isn’t talked about a lot, if much at all, but it’s one of the
core distinctions that has made the biggest impact in my business.

This can be said of any relationship we’re engaged in really.

Personal or Professional.

Relationships are a mirror of ourselves…the PERCEIVED good, the PERCEIVED bad AND the ugly.

Have a client that’s a complete bear to deal with?

On the surface I’ve found this to be a symptom of not managing their expectations or your own boundaries, up front. (listen to podcast #17)

Not doing so can create dissidence and chaos in your business.

But below the surface…

…they are probably mirroring qualities that you yourself are
wrestling with…inside yourself.

Perhaps managing their expectations in the beginning would be helpful…

…or simply not having brought them on as a client at all would have been even better. Check out Episode #17 to fully understand that concept.

I find the latter to be the case more often than not.

Because this comes down to managing your own expectations around the kind of time you want available in your life…

…or the amount of money you feel you deserve.

Or the quality of business & lifestyle you desire.

Learning who to say NO to instead of simply looking to make more money requires you managing your own expectations.

Your business exists for the sole purpose of providing you the lifestyle you desire…and the level of impact you want to make in the world.

You CAN perform better and provide better results.

Which leads to furthering your mission with less stress while having more fun…

Commit to mastering your inner world because it’s the key to creating an ideal outer world both personally and professionally.

Professionally you’ll become much more affective when you focus on communicating what your ideal prospects are missing rather than constantly projecting onto everyone what you do.

When you start to get an ideal mastery of your internal world…deciding who you’re going to be a hero to and how….becomes a simple process.

And quite frankly that’s where the money starts, however most people will never tell you that.

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