Personal Values: A Free Core Values Based Interview With Tim Brownson

Personal Values

personal valuesI’ve talked about personal values before but I’ve taken it a step further and much deeper by providing you with an in depth interview with Tim Brownson. We’re discussing personal values. Tim wrote an amazing in depth eBook on Core Values and I wanted to take the opportunity to provide you with some serious up front value before I talk about you investing in it. (No pun intended)

If you’re not familiar with personal values and their impact on the quality of your life you are going to want to listen to this Free 57 minute interview, take notes and really grab ahold of this personal values concept.

Personal Values: the Inside Story 

In this interview I grill Tim on:

  • Why are values important and why should you seriously care about them?
  • What exactly are core values?
  • If you feel you’re not living on purpose, it is likely associated to you not knowing your values. You’ll learn what you can start doing immediately to remedy this
  • What are anti-values, what they cost you and how you can avoid them. (He provides exact words you need to listen for in your language to become aware of your anti-values)
  • What is a hierarchy of values, why they’re super important and how you can begin to identify them
  • Core Values Examples and case studies:
  • Why Tim dropped his life coaching prices after his best financial month ever. So what right? Well you’ll discover how it tied directly into his personal values and the valuable lesson you can walk away with from it for yourself)
  • An in depth correlation between personal values & Money 
  • How paying attention to your gut instinct ties into your core values
  • This is all in just the first 20 minutes so there’s much more…

There is a Huge Cost Of Not Knowing What Your Personal Values Are.

Your life could very well be doing ok, however having a deep understanding of your personal values will provide you with the foundation necessary to consciously take your life, your relationships and your finances to a more fulfilling everyday experience.

Tim and I dig into some of the processes of figuring out your personal values in this interview and you can walk away with a lot of value just from this free interview. However I’m going to strongly suggest after you watch or listen that you pick up his in depth book on Aligning With Your Core Values.

Download the video to your hard drive and please share it!

[audio:|titles=Interview with Tim Brownson]

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Below are also the two resources Tim mentioned. I suggest you tackle these after you’ve read Tim’s book.

Your Brain At Work – David Rock:

Blink -Malcolm Gladwell:

Tim has made available his Aligning With Your Core Values Book in a few different versions:

  • Core Values PDF (for print)
  • Core Values Kindle version
  • Core Values Mp3 version
  • Core Values ePub Version
  • Core Values Tool (To Help you identify your hiarchy of personal values)
  • You get them all and more for one price!

You can get your copy right now and learn more about what’s included with your purchase by clicking on the link below (Yes, it’s a big fat affiliate link)

Click Here to Purchase Your Copy

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