The World Needs More Warriors (The Life Demonstration Test)

personal development Early on life seemed to be about making choices and allowing my life to freely demonstrate those choices. I did so passionately and in many cases unconsciously.

Some were good choices and many seem fool hearty when I look back on them.  

With time comes wisdom and the ability to know the difference.

I followed my heart many times. And there were many times I didn’t. I was influenced and persuaded.

However right now…

The world needs more warriors

But where you are right now and how conscious you are is what matters. Warriors didn’t go into battle not aware of what they’re fighting for. If they did how then would they find the courage?

“By definition, a warrior is a man who shows or has shown great courage, vigor, or aggressiveness. It takes courage to have strong faith and convictions (to be a man of spirituality & of god), vigor to be a leader (in his own life and relationships of those he loves), and aggressiveness to face adversity head on… and then, at the end of the day, it takes all three to come home to a special woman and love her with a fierce honor, respect, and faithfulness.”

A warrior stands in their word and lets their life demonstrate that word. 

The world needs more warriors. 

  • At the end of the day did your thoughts, words and actions align with what you say you say you stand for?
  • Is all that you think, speak and do in alignment with your greatest good.
  • Are they in alignment with your greatest gifts and talents? Do they lead you to living at your very best? 

This is the daily test we’re all faced with whether we’re aware of it or not.

We’re tested on a daily basis if we’re clear on what we stand for. Our values and our principles are on display to those who are at the highest level of consciousness and can see.

The goal is for us to see, think and do so that we are conscious of what our life demonstrates.

In many cases, people today aren’t aware of what they stand for and so they seem to look outside of themselves for someone else to take responsibility.

The world needs more warriors. 

Your life is a place of pure possibilities, whether it will demonstrate success or failure is up to you, who you align yourself with and whether or not you persevere.

You must fight for what you believe in even if that means you fight to create a new system that makes the old system obsolete.

The way of the the warrior is to find a way.

Women don’t want a nice guy.

They want a warrior.

Men don’t want to hang around whiners, they want to be around other warriors who challenge them to be bold, rise up and live out loud while standing in their truth.

“We are like rubber bands, we are most useful when we are stretched.”- John Maxwell

Right now we are all being stretched and our values and principles are either promoted or exposed.

What do you feel your life demonstrates right now? Is there anything you’d do differently? 

Leave your or feedback comments in the comments section below… 

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