Are You Standing In Light Or Walking In The Dark

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Are You Standing In Truth

If you’re not living in your passion what message are you sharing with those you come into contact with?

There is a good chance you’re sharing resentment & resistance and you’re not even aware of it.

Do you find yourself with this inner knowing that something just isn’t right in your life? Do you feel you’re living in conflict rather than flow when it comes to a relationship or maybe your career?

Then there is a chance you find yourself walking in the dark rather than standing in your light. It’s an interesting thought when you think about life and the way many people live it.

However I don’t want to talk about other people, I want to talk about you right now because you’re reading this. I want to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Are you living in your truth? Are you doing what you really want to do or are you doing what you feel you have to do?

If you’re not living in flow there is a good chance you’re stifling your creativity, your growth & the many blessings that are awaiting to come into your life.

Truth Transition & Change

Let me help you understand where I’m going with this. Whenever I’ve found myself in these times & aware of it, I’ve gone through a 3 step process. I’ve gone through this a few times and find myself going through again right now so I thought I would share it with you.

Coming to this realization comes down to 3 thoughts in my mind that may aid you in moving through an unfulfilled career or even a relationship.

1. Facing your truth & accepting it – What is your truth? Who are you and what are you about? What are you passionate about? What lights your fire? What comes effortless to you?

“If you’re not drinking your own cool-aid then you’re probably not going to serve it to anyone else either.”-Hal Fischer

I’ve been fortunate to have a great circle of friends & people who I respect and look to for feed back. If you don’t have those people around you find them or seek them out. Having a close circle of friends that you can turn to who are able to be objective is critical.

These people can help you come to a realization & identify what your truth is. What are your strengths & what are you good at.

This is the truth in all of us that awaits to be discovered & shared. Never doubt your simple truth isn’t there to touch someone else & inspire them to their own greatness.

Embrace your truth and enter the next step.

2. Transitioning from old to new-The first step to making making lasting change is the actual first step. It’s sometimes can be the scariest but is ultimately the most important & life changing.

Here is a quick way to help yourself get over that first hump and take the first action.

When I look back at my younger years and I went through defining moments like I am now, I see that I did so with less concern than now when I’m older and holding on to more “inner stuff.”

As I’ve gotten older I’ve accepted certain beliefs that I’ve told myself that really aren’t truths at all.

For example how many times have you heard someone say: “I can’t make this change because I have to pay my bills.”

What if you found yourself saying this to yourself instead: “In order to get past just paying my bills I have to make this change.”

Can you see where one has you embracing transition and the other has you resisting it?

Ask yourself better questions and you’ll get better answers. Once you’ve identified what you don’t want your life to be about, only focus on what you do want and keep reminding yourself of it.

3. Change starts with the first step– People hate change it’s a fact. I’ll admit In the past and even as recent as yesterday I hate not finishing things or quitting. However that’s ego talking and attempting to hold on to your worldly picture.

At least in my circumstances change has always been preceded by seeking truth. That truth has found it’s way to me in a few ways:

  1. Sometimes little things seem to come into your life as clues as to you’re calling.
  2. Sometimes the truth screams to come out & you feel it within the very fiber of your soul.
  3. And sometimes god just seems to be tapping you on the shoulder and saying “What else do I need to do to get your attention?

Love Discovering Your Truth

Discovering your truth may not always seem to be easy because you strive to be congruent with how you see yourself.

However how you see yourself is based on your beliefs & beliefs are truths you tell yourself.

Where the problem can occur is our beliefs can be and usually are influenced by corporate marketing which doesn’t always have your best interests at heart and certainly aren’t truths.

I.E what is sexy, what  is gorgeous, what is sheik, what is cool, what makes you fashionable, what makes you acceptable etc..

Do you now see where you may not be fulfilled with your career, hobbies or maybe even a relationship because of these false truths?

Start searching for your truth & start living in your light. The world will poor on you a multitude of blessings when you begin to get clear on your truths and begin your transition to change. The longer you fight finding your truth the longer you live in mediocrity.

Man you’re one smart tater for getting this stuff 🙂

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