How to Pick And Refine Your Niche Market Like A Rockstar: TPIP Episode 0004

Pick Refine Niche Rockstar

How to Pick  And Refine Your Niche Market Like A Rockstar

In this episode you’ll learn how speaking to the wrong person with the right message or speaking to the right person with the wrong message can make growing your coaching business as slow as moving through thick sludge.

The vast majority of the time when you’re struggling to find enough ideal clients it’s not because you’re too specific with your market. It’s because most coaches go to broad.

In this episode you’ll gain insight on:

  • Why NOT choosing an exclusive audience is a wrong choice in and of itself
  • Why telling your prospects what you “do” is killing your sales
  • The one strategy you must have in place or watch prospects pass you by
  • What your prospects are REALLY drawn to (and no, it’s not you)
  • How to almost read your prospects mind for what they want
  • The one thing you can say that draws prospects to you like bees to honey

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