29 Odd Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

self discovery I thought I’d take a break from the heavy and deep introspective type of posts I normally do and share a little about me today that you may not have known. Ok, maybe not all of them are odd, but some of them probably are.

If you’ve read the About Me page you already know about some of my metal past so that’s nothing new. But I thought I’d dig into some fun, some serious and even some silly personal facts that you may not have known.

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know: 

1.  My favorite movie is Gladiator. I’ve watched it somewhere between 50 and 60 times. (Of course I have the 3 disk extended version)

2.  I have a crazy weakness for chocolate

3.  I have a cat and her name is Roxanne 

4.  I still listen to metal on occasion and one of my favorite new songs is by a band called Woe Is Me [Warning: very heavy stuff]

5.  My favorite book and first novel as a kid was: A Pony Called Lightening. I still have it and read it from time to time.

6.  I’m a Disney fanatic – I have huge storage tubs of memorabilia. Anything from eTickets that were required to ride rides in the 70’s, to theme park napkins from the 80’s (yes napkins) and even a rare 1964 picture disk of “It’s A Small World”

7.  I sleep till I wake up (which is 9 times out of 10 always 7 am if not [6:30])

8.  I make my bed everyday without exception

9.   I still have every single rock star poster that was on my bedroom walls from when I was 15 (and even magazine clippings)

10. I’m not a great swimmer

11.  I’m terrified of water such as getting in the ocean, (or a lake) however I find being at the beach one of the most calming things in the world.

12.  I didn’t attend my high school prom (Well, I did but I actually just shot it on video for our school TV show)

13.  My favorite movie food is popcorn mixed with Raisinettes (Salty chocolate goodness!)

14.  I squeezed 4 years of TV production into 3 years of High school

15.  I failed the First grade (I wasn’t a good reader)

16.  I couldn’t stand sweet potatoes until 6 years ago

17.  I still have personal journals as far back as from age 15

18.  My first personal development seminar was Tony Robbins in Tampa Fl in 1995 where I bought his Powertalk series.

19.  My favorite color is Navy Blue and my second favorite is Forest Green

20. I secretly love to watch zombie movies and then I have a hard time sleeping.

21.  I read every night before I go to bed without exception

22.  I didn’t have my first girlfriend until I was 18. Her name was Suzy Smith.

23.  I was in Amway for 2 weeks when I was 23.

24.  My favorite performer is the late Luther Vandross (2nd runner up is SEAL)

25.  I was hit seriously by a car at age 11 but didn’t suffer a single broken bone (And the car probably hasn’t been right since either)

26.  I recorded a song for a movie soundtrack in 2001 with my original metal band

27.  That reminds me, I secretly want to record a metal album again

28.  I was going to go to Disney culinary school right out of high school but my senior year I fell asleep at the wheel on a Saturday morning going to work and totaled my car. I hit the only concrete antique mail box on highway 301 between Tampa and Zephyrhills.

29.   And finally, this is the last known recorded photo of me with long hair just before I cut it all off and I went into business.

There you have it! 29 possibly useless however silly facts you didn’t know about me.

Feel free to leave your feedback or questions in the comments section below and watch for a new post later this week.

By the way if you haven’t downloaded your copy of the Motivation vs Inspiration report head over download it now before I pull it down.

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