7 Ways To Negate Negativity And Renew Your Mind

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7 Ways to Negate Negativity

I know this is probably a hammered subject and has been written about a lot.

In my experience over the past few years negativity is everywhere. It’s a driving force of media and in many peoples lives. Of course if you’re a regular reader of this blog you know I strive for clarity & consciousness and to be the observer of your experiences.

Eckhart Tolle said it best:

What is, is. What isn’t is a reaction.“-Eckhart Tolle

When in reaction you’re out of a zero state, which is where inspiration & creativity comes from. It would make sense to focus on and eliminate anything that would keep you from that wonderful place of being.

Before you say it, no I don’t live in a bubble but I do incubate myself in as much of a positive environment as possible.

Your Head Is the Main Frame Computer

So acknowledging you’re head is basically like a computer, what goes in must come out.

When you load software on a computer there’s no questioning what that software application does. It has certain functions and the computer operates based on the software’s instructions.

As simple of a definition as that is, you’re brain isn’t much different. Garbage in Garbage out. Good in, good out.

It still is no wonder the steady diet that many people have of negative information and why they live a life of struggle. With everything that comes at you these days in the way of media, it’s no wonder people do just about everything to react to situations around them rather than respond.

I’ll talk about reacting & responding in a moment.

7 Ways to Negate Negativity

1. Eliminate TV

I know you’re going to bulk at this one. However I’m going on 3 years without TV, cable or watching any kind of traditional network programs on Hulu or Youtube.

If you just went into major resistance then chances are you just went into the reaction that Eckhart mentioned in the above quote. When I tell people I don’t watch TV they find it almost impossible to believe. I’ve noticed since not watching TV my personal productivity has went through the roof and my entertainment exchange to value has improved dramatically.

If you don’t eliminate it all together, at least ween yourself off it. Tally how many hours a week you spend on it and start coming off it. Sounds like any other addiction doesn’t it? 😉

What do I do with all that free time?

  • Read More
  • Work on different income stream projects
  • Play Music, Guitar & Piano & program music on the Mac
  • Spend quality time with friends
  • Spend more time with specialty groups
  • Volunteer my time

I am more of a huge movie buff and have the DVD collection to prove it, but I get to decide what’s going in the DVD player. 😉

2. Take Stock of Your Friends & Family

This is going to be a touchy subject however it’s got to be talked about and handled almost immediately. Consider this for a moment and ask yourself, “what are my friends & families thoughts actions & idea’s doing to me and is it Ok? Is it adding energy to my life or sucking it from my life?

Now I’m not saying you have to completely disassociate with friends and family, although I have stepped away from many friendships over the years based on these guidelines. And quite frankly just because someone is family, it doesn’t give them the authority to implement a negative attitude in my life or treat me in such a way that doesn’t empower our relationship or me. Nor do I need to spend much time around them if that’s the case. I know this seems harsh but family isn’t a free ticket to victimize.

Quite frankly you need to address whether this person or person’s add value to your life or are an energy suck in your life. If you don’t like the influence they project in your life, take head of your projection on them, embrace it, thank them for the lesson and move them on.

I will probably have to do a post alone on this because this short paragraph could be grossly misinterpreted. Here what I said but know what I’m saying. Either disassociate, ween yourself away from or have a come to Jesus conversation with those in your life who aren’t in line with your value system.

3. Revisit The Music You Listen & How Much of It You Listen To

Here’s a big one. Never before has it been so easy to pick & choose what & how you listen to your music.

Here’s a shocker for you. One of my favorite Albums is L.D. 50 by Mudvayne. It’s probably one of the rawest, most honest & emotionally transparent albums I’ve ever heard. Quite frankly there’s a part of me that completely identifies with it’s aggressive energy based on my childhood & my metal days. Fact is though, I’ll barely ever listen to it anymore. I noticed when I made that album a steady diet years ago, It completely had an influence on my attitude. I still love the energy of some metal but I don’t dare make it a steady diet these days by any means.

Music is the ability to slip stream thoughts & ideas into your subconscious. Why do you think love songs are still so popular? They are at the emotional core of us as people. It’s why there are complete subcultures based around music. It’s that powerful.

I’m not saying don’t ever listen to music, I certainly do. I have a very diverse pallet when it comes to music these days. I’m just very selective of how much and what kind I do listen to. I don’t go out of my way ever to listen to radio & generally turn my car into drive time university. Listening to engaging material that empowers my thoughts and skills is my preference.

My recent mp3 music purchases:

  • Jay Sean-Down
  • Linkin Park-Great Divide
  • Owl City-Fire Flies

From my Metal days with Cynic and even before It was all about the hooks of the song. The catchiest part that drives home the spirit of the content. Just be aware of what the message of that song is telling you because it does have an influence to some degree on your philosophy, your attitude & your actions. A steady diet of anything does.

4. Meditate Daily

Take the time to quiet your mind daily. To move yourself to a space where you focus inward. Which is where your true power & potential comes from. It’s a noisy world and when you’re addicted to the noise it keeps you from coming from that place of inspiration & creativity. You become more centered & grounded in your spirit when you meditate. It allows you to make more conscious decisions on the above points.

Taking 30 minutes to meditate first thing in the morning has been one of the best gifts I could give myself. I start our the day fresh, empty of mental “stuff” and ready to receive. Nothing miraculous happens. I just am in that moment of time.

For more on meditation go to ZenHabits and read The Beginners Guide to Meditation: 20 Practical Tips for Quieting the Mind. Great read!

5. Read Material That Supports Consciousness & Good Communication

Reading is a big one for me obviously. Probably is for you too if you’re reading this. I find it extremely relaxing to read at night before bed. I spend anywhere from 30 minutes to sometimes 2 hours to read. I read what empowers my thoughts and it lies in my subconscious through out the night. I consume a lot of content online during the day as well with my research and studies for my online ventures. However much of my spiritual & personal development content is at night prior to bed.

Books I’m currently finishing and starting:

  • Hardcore Zen
  • Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich-The 8 New Rules Of Money
  • Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind
  • My Unfinished Business -Dan Kennedy
  • Illusions-The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
  • The Disappearance of The Universe

I’m always a student based on the information I consume. Whether it’s studying markets right now for my businesses or it’s communication, leadership or spiritual guidance I’m a bit of a fanatic about reading on the subject. I can’t say I read too much brain candy.

6. Write Out and Review Your Desired Lifestyle

This goes along with the creation of your unique and desired lifestyle. There has to be a reason why you do any of the above. You must be conscious & aware of moving towards and aligning with your purpose. What your reason for being is. Your dharma.

I used to say you’d write out what your outcome is in life. The house, the cars, the spouse, the vacations etc. Those eventually do come if you choose to. But today it’s lead me to what experiences do I desire to have in life? What experience will the house on the beach provide? What experience will the loving & nurturing spouse provide me?

These are feelings, & you must become conscious of what feelings you desire in your body.

Review this written experience every day.

7. Be Grateful Every Day

This is the biggest thing you can do to negate negativity in your life. You will not be entrusted with more in your life, (more love, more money, more compassion etc) unless you are grateful for what you do have in the way of those experiences.

  • Can’t get your clothes out of the cleaners because your broke? Be grateful you have clothes to get dry cleaned in the first place
  • Can’t pay the credit card bill? Be grateful you have the credit score you have that allowed you to open it in the first place
  • Your mother in law is a total bitch and finds something wrong with everything you do? Be grateful for her, because of her you have the gift of a spouse who supports & loves you unconditionally.

A gratitude journal is a wonderful gift to yourself if you aren’t already. Start making being grateful a habit. It will produce wonders for you.

Annihilating Negativity

It’s much more fun to point out the positive things you can do to positively charge your life than focus on all of the negative stuff going on around it. When you can operate from this positively charged place known as the zero state, your life takes on new experiences and people come into your life that are engaging and lend to you living on purpose.

You’re always going to have life stuff come at you. It’s probably unrealistic to say it won’t present it’s challenges and that negative things won’t come into your life. How you react or if you respond is your choice though. These are just a few tools you can use to empower that process of responding from a state that serves you.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with these 7 steps either. Implement them one at a time if need be or as they seem comfortable. Either way don’t procrastinate because every day you don’t influence yourself, someone or something else is.

Give thanks & celebrate in your life what is, other wise it’s a reaction 😉

Have any other great tips for negating negativity?

Please share and leave a comment 🙂

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