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In Episode 26 of Turn Your Problems Into Profits, you’ll discover why you shouldn’t try to work with everyone and how to only attract ideal prospects who are willing and able to invest with you.

In my experience when it comes to high ticket sales & coaching you want to work with people who ALREADY believe in themselves.

So if that’s the case your marketing needs to speak TO those individuals therefore, you weed out the types of personalities who DON’T believe in themselves.

This is less of a script and more of an overall approach. But at the end of this podcast I’ll provide you with a process of which you can “script out” a way of vetting who your offer is for and who it isn’t for:

But what does this overall approach look like first?

Well there are two areas you want to look at:

A conceptual or a more philosophical approach. and secondly a more tangible and strategic approach.

1) First on a conceptual level – It begins with you, your level of confidence in your competence, which is then reflected in the tone of your voice (via the voice of your writing AND your voice reflection in your webinars & audio)

This is more of the who you are, what you believe, and how deeply you believe it. – this goes for your skills, your talents, your convictions.

2) Secondly on a more tangible and strategic level – Within your communication strategy you want to be initially inspiring your ideal client to stand up and say YES. That’s ME.

Example: from one of my clients in the IBS niche…

“Do You Want To Be Free From The Pain Of IBS?”


“Ready To Be Free Of IBS?”

If you’re driving people from say a Facebook ad, you would create what we call an indoctrination video that you put in front of them or before the webinar you’re delivering…

…you want your ideal client to feel and sincerely believe you understand their problem…BUT more importantly, once that’s the case you want to set the conditions for the TYPE of person you’ll accept working with. [this is where a lot of people miss the boat]

This is the difference between selling a $495 digital program and a $5000 to $10,000 program.

You’ll sell a $495 digital program to nearly anybody or any personality – however if they don’t do anything with it that’s on them. It’s a digital non-coaching program & holding them accountable is a lot more difficult. (although not impossible)

The $5k price tag alone can weed the wrong people out, but even then you get people who think by giving you the $5k, YOU suddenly are “100%” responsible for their success…

…NOT TRUE. They have to be committed to DOING the work. Our coaching is ONLY as good as their willingness to implement it.

So once your ideal prospect stands up in their mind and says, “Yes that’s me”, now you have to screen for the types who are willing to do the work to get the result – by sharing that there is in fact WORK to be done.

You see certain marketers do this all the time by stating this consulting model actually takes WORK and it’s not push button. They’ll say something like…

“If you’re looking for a “push button business” then this is NOT for you…

…however if you’re not afraid to do the work and creating a $22,452.65 a month business is something you find attractive …then you and I could probably work together.”

You want your non-ideal prospect to say, “Holy crap, no way I’d work with this guy. I’m not doing THAT much work” or what they’re really saying is, “there’s no way I’m willing to take on THAT much risk and responsibility and possibly fail!”

[ctt title=”Here is the thing, you cannot convince the right person to do business with you because…THE RIGHT ONE WILL ALREADY WANT TO.” tweet=”Here’s the thing – you can’t convince the right person to do business with you RIGHT ONE WILL ALREADY WANT TO.” coverup=”6z77j”]

Especially when you’re marketing message & communication is on point…

…if you want to work with decisive, intentional and motivated clients, tell them that’s the kind of people who get the BEST RESULTS…and those who aren’t, DON’T.

If you can explain to someone their problem better than they can articulate it to themselves, they’ll automatically see you as the authority and seek you out for the solution…

…but the caveat to that is you have to have clear conditions in place of which people need to meet in order for you to work with them.

Set those standards & conditions, make them known and stick to them.

Remember, I said they need to believe in themselves, YOU, however, can’t be the one who makes them believe in themselves.

So your marketing needs to speak to the people who already do…and repel those who don’t.

As we close out this episode let me give you a real-world example I use. Here’s what this would sound like:


If you want some help with applying this to work in your existing business, so you can increase your revenue, leverage your time and offer a more fulfilling delivery model, you can head over to and complete the application and then schedule a call time where we can have a conversation around it.

But here’s who this conversation is NOT for:

  • If you’re just looking to collect as much free information as possible – then this isn’t for you
  • If you’re looking for a magic bullet or a set it and forget it solution, where you don’t have to really do anything – then this isn’t for you
  • If you don’t currently have an expertise or practice in place – then this isn’t for you

But Here’s who this conversation IS for:

  • If you’re already doing 1on1 coaching or have an expert business with a low to mid-tier offer but find high ticket group coaching services attractive and more logical – then this is for you
  • If you’re looking to massively increase your cash-flow with a process that works without increasing your workload- then this is for you
  • And if you already have existing assets like an email list of prospects – then this is for you

What you can expect is for us to jump on a call, take about an hour, and I’ll ask you a few questions, of which we’ll have a conversation around, we’ll discover what’s stopping you, slowing you down and standing in your way – and if it makes sense, I’ll offer my help to you and explain how we’ll do it.

If you want that, then head over to and complete the application, then schedule your call on the following page.


And there you have it.

An example of how I would make an offer that vetts out someone who isn’t an ideal prospect and invites someone who is.

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