Travis Sago: Paid For Performance and Email Marketing TPIP: 0027


In Episode 27 I talk with Travis Sago on Paid for Performance marketing, Email marketing strategies and self-growth hacks that work. Travis Sago runs the Mojo Mastermind and is the CEO of Big Mojo Promotions, a paid for performance marketing agency.

Things we cover in this Episode:

  • The state of marketing & consulting and some of the problems we see currently.
  • How we both got started with the “Pay For Performance” model for clients
  • How Travis helped someone go from $120k to $800k in 2 years and the big “ah ha” moment he had.
  • Why the whole industry of online marketing needs to change
  • The one word that Travis feels is the greatest asset to growing and deepening his relationship with his audience.
  • The “different’ question that made one of the biggest leaps in his business career: [13:11]
  • The biggest difference between a mediocre chess player and an advanced checkers player and how it relates to the longevity of your business [13:50]
  • The “types” of stories he uses in his email marketing and what he wants to give his reader that moves the sale faster and farther than anything else [16:09]
  • The “myth” about email copywriting and the one thing no one tells you about email marketing courses [18:27]
  • The meat and potatoes strategy he uses that everyone can understand (and leads to more trust & sales) [18:47]
  • The Heaven and Hell Island Concept that he uses to bridge the gap for readers…
  • Step 1 of writing any email or Facebook status update that leads to greater affinity with prospects [19:50]
  • Step 2 and 3 are revealed right after…
  • …and this is all just in the first 20 minutes!

There’s a TON of more empowering topics we cover in the 30 minutes that follow like:

  • The “moral of the story” strategy that creates massive trust and sales
  • The one thing ALL of your prospects want you to give to them and how to do it so that it forever changes the relationship
  • 70% of your approach to selling stuff to your market is based on making the right ________ to the right _____. If you can do this right you can get a lot of your words wrong and still make sales.
  • How he made $100k from a single Facebook post
  • The ONE high-level strategy he suggests to REALLY get to know your ideal client (and the one tool you can use to do it)
  • And MUCH more…

Give Episode 27 a listen and share this episode with someone you know would appreciate it.


Learn more about Travis at Big Mojo Promotions

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