Natural Talents and Personal Performance Coaching – The MISSING Piece

Natural Talents and Personal Performance Coaching Gives You A Unique Business Advantage As a Coach Or Consultant

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Highlights of this video:
[00:47] – The more _________ you are to your natural mental talents the more effective you become
[00:49] – Apply this formula for Better Performance: NMT + A = BP
[01:28] – How to stand out to your IDEAL client

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Natural Mental Talents

personal-performance-natural-talentsHi, this is Tony with, and this is your Two Minutes With Tony. So I’m sitting here in this amazing tree right now, I’m at a buddy of mine’s house here in Siesta Key, Florida. And I thought this would be a great analogy to share with you as I commonly talk about natural mental talents and being authentic in yourself and your business.

As you can see here, I’m literally sitting inside of the tree. It’s grown into a huge spiral, and it’s taken time for this probably to happen. So, as yourself and your business as you are maybe a coach or mentoring or working with individuals, you probably have a natural set of mental talents. The more authentic you are to those, the more naturally you’re going to be effective, but also the more you’re going to stand out as a unique solution to your ideal clients.

How to Connect Deeply To Your Avatar

Now, if you remember, I talked about your customer avatar, and this is how you can really get clear on your actual client. I’ll put a link here, matter of fact right here, where you can click on it and go to that video. But the key here is that you’re being authentic and that you’re being natural because the more that you are really adhering to your natural mental talents and you’re remaining authentic to those, the better your personal performance is going to be.

So, like this tree, believe me, you’ll stand out because it’s the very first thing my buddy sent me when he got here. He says, “Hey, check out this tree.” He sent me a picture of it. It really stands out, and I guarantee you if you apply this formula to your life, it’s going to make sure that you stand out in your business and to your ideal client as well.

So this is Tony with If you like this video, go ahead and leave your comment. Make sure you also like it so it gets shared with other people. It helps me, helps you. And again, go ahead and leave your comments below.

So I’ll see you really soon. This is Tony with Bye-bye

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